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Achieve Building Intelligence Through Submetering

Building intelligence makes utility tracking and sustainability reporting easy, and is becoming a necessity in the constantly evolving built environment. What Is Building Intelligence? Building intelligence refers to strategies and practices that enable a building ... Read more

The Vital Role of Submetering Utilities in Addressing Canada’s Water Crisis

Exploring the crucial role of submetering in efficient water management and conservation amidst Canada’s growing water scarcity challenges. In the wake of Alberta’s recent decision to initiate large-scale water-sharing negotiations, the importance of efficient water ... Read more

Notable Utility Submetering Projects Across Canada

Building owners, developers, and managers across Canada work with us because we plan, design and implement location-specific submetering solutions. At QMC we work with clients in a wide range of markets, including commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational and multi-residential ... Read more

Navigating Vancouver’s Green Building Regulations with MeterConnex

As environmental concerns continue to drive regulatory changes, Vancouver’s government has taken a significant step towards a more sustainable future by implementing new regulations for large office and retail buildings. The new regulations, summarized in ... Read more

Showcasing Truety at The 2024 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show

The Louisville Manufactured Housing Show has been bringing together industry professionals for over 60 years. This annual event has become synonymous with innovation and is a great showcase of the latest advancements in the industry. ... Read more

Navigating winter: Proactive strategies for efficient commercial heating systems

With the slow and steady bite of winter’s chill creeping in, businesses must ensure their commercial spaces remain warm and comfortable for both employees and customers. Efficient heating systems not only contribute to a pleasant ... Read more

Edmonton Offers Businesses An Opportunity To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Edmonton is looking to the future by implementing the Building Energy Benchmarking Program – A plan to prepare the city for reducing their carbon footprint by 2030. As the city of Edmonton continues to grow ... Read more

8 Reasons Why FortisBC’s Commercial Energy Assessment Program is a Win:

Unlocking Potential Savings: Commercial property owners and managers have a great opportunity to propel their businesses forward with FortisBC’s Commercial Energy Assessment Program. This program not only allows property managers and owners to identify potential ... Read more

The Advantages of Smart EV Charging Metering in the Digital Age

The commercial real estate sector is witnessing a significant surge in the integration of smart electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, marking a transformative shift toward sustainability and technological advancement. The growth of electric vehicles on ... Read more

Unveiling Cutting-Edge Submetering Solutions at The Buildings Show

As one of the leading submetering companies operating in North America, we are thrilled to share our latest innovations at The Buildings Show. This annual event is a cornerstone for property managers and other industry ... Read more

Understanding the ASHRAE 90.1 Standard for Commercial Buildings

As societies grapple with the escalating challenges of climate change and resource depletion, energy efficiency has become a paramount consideration, prompting the establishment of strict energy code standards for commercial buildings. These codes serve as ... Read more

Confronting drought in British Columbia: The role of water metering in conservation

British Columbia, known for its lush landscapes and pristine wilderness, is facing a severe drought crisis, one that is unlike any previous one in the province’s history. Climate change and irregular weather patterns have intensified ... Read more

Driving Green Change: The Success of the CleanBC Go Electric EV Charger Rebate Program

In a significant stride toward a greener and more affordable future for British Columbians, the CleanBC Go Electric Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Rebate Program has been a great success. As of October 24, 2023, the ... Read more

Unlocking Energy Saving Opportunities within the Retail Industry

The retail sector is regarded as a very energy-intensive industry, consuming approximately $21 billion worth of energy annually, making finding ways to trim costs while enhancing the customer experience a constant pursuit. One often overlooked ... Read more

QMC Continues to Soar: Ranked 43rd on BIV’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies List for 2023

We are honored to be recognized as a leading provider of submetering services and integrated solutions by Business in Vancouver once again. This marks the fourth consecutive year that QMC has earned a spot on ... Read more

New Pilot Program Offers Funding To Retrofit Rental Buildings

What Is The Rental Apartment Retrofit Accelerator Program? The City of Vancouver has launched the Rental Apartment Retrofit Accelerator (RARA) program, partnering with CleanBC and BCHydro, to reduce existing rental buildings’ impact on the environment. ... Read more

A Commercial Property Owner’s Guide To Understanding Revenue Metering vs. Check Metering

With mounting public pressure to curb carbon emissions and rising energy costs, the drive for improved energy efficiency is gaining momentum. To foster sustainable energy management initiatives, commercial submetering plays a pivotal role, serving as ... Read more

Wireless Socket Meters Versus Standard Socket Meters: Which Should You Choose?

It’s a common saying that knowledge is power, but knowledge about power is extremely valuable for electric utilities on commercial properties. Over the past decade, submetering has exploded in popularity thanks to recent advances in technology, combined ... Read more

Prevent Tenant Disputes With Certified Meters

Metering Accuracy Is Crucial Accuracy is crucial when it comes to tracking your electrical bill, especially as Canadian government restrictions and standards are constantly being updated and improved. Since 2019, the Canadian government has made ... Read more

3 Reasons Cellular Electricity Meters Will Save You Money

The Future Of Electrical Metering In the commercial and mobile home metering, outdated glass socket meters and basic digital meters have long plagued customers with inaccurate readings, poor automation capabilities, and potential compliance issues. Introducing ... Read more

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