Thermal, BTU, Heat Meters for Your New or Existing Project

Thermal Metering

Approved by Measurement Canada, QMC provides the best thermal submeters for residential, commercial, and institutional applications in North America. Thermal meters can be used for multi-tenant residential applications or the monitoring of central plant systems.

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Thermal, BTU and Heat Meters

Thermal energy meters are used to measure energy from hydronic-based heating and cooling systems. Thermal meters can be used for multi-tenant residential applications or the monitoring of central plant systems.

QMC offers a variety of thermal meters suited to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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Static Thermal Meters

Static heat and cooling thermal meters, such as the GWF Superstatic 440, allow for the measurement of large amounts of gas flow. Rotary gas meters have multiple applications and can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations.



  • Fluidic Oscillation Principle – Self-Cleaning Effect
  • Measurement Canada Approved
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials Without Moving Parts

Thermal Energy Best Practices

Thermal energy metering has been utilized in Europe for decades, but has only recently become prevalent in Canada. Measurement Canada has recently begun regulating thermal meters for the Canadian market.

QMC is the first nationally approved thermal meter distributor for the Canadian market. We can expertly provide your project with quality thermal meters to meet these standards. Our in-house accredited testing and verification lab ensures transparency, and that our customers receive prompt and quality service.

Learn more about regulations and best practices for the North American market now. 

image of a GWF Ultramaxx and a Engelmann SensoStar U

Ultrasonic Thermal Meters

Ultrasonic thermal meters, such as the GWF Integral CF-UltraMaXX and the Engelmann SensoStar U, measures the time difference between signals sent upstream and downstream, measuring the time difference between them to identify energy consumption. Compared to mechanical meters, ultrasonic meters can offer better accuracy, more installation flexibility and minimal maintenance.

Paired with QMC’s energy reporting software MeterConnex, ultrasonic thermal meters are ideal for district heating networks, industry installations, and heat cost allocation in any multi-residential setting.

As with all GWF thermal meters, the Integral-V UltramaXX meets MID EN1434 and Measurement Canada requirements. The Integral-V UltraMaxx includes an integrated ultrasonic flow meter, temperature sensor, and calculator. It is ideal for installations in the fan coil unit or heat pump. the Integral-V UltraMaxx is supplied with either a 10-year battery or can be powered through M-Bus with a back-up battery.

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  • Ultrasonic Technology
  • No Moving Parts
  • MID EN1434 Approved

Expertise, Best Practices, Products & Solutions

Energy conscious communities in North America are expanding their use of thermal energy systems for heating and cooling buildings. One challenge these systems face is the ability to effectively measure and bill thermal energy consumption to end users, such as condominiums, apartments, and commercial units.

Thermal Regulations Have Come To Canada

Measurement Canada has approved QMC as the first national distributor of thermal metering products in Canada. 

Installing approved thermal meters can save you time and money in the future; See below for a visual roadmap Measurement Canada has released for thermal metering regulation.

image of a timeline that building operators must change their thermal metering equipment
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