electricity meters

QMC supplies the industry-leading electricity meters for tenant billing, LEED certification and energy management purposes. Choose from a highly versatile line of electricity meters for commercial, institutional, residential, recreational and light-industrial applications.

Image of a Triacta Powerhawk, an electricity submeter that QMC sells

Perfect for any project

QMC’s revenue grade electricity meters are suitable for any residential, commercial, or industrial application. Our electric meters include:

  • Digital Socket Meters
  • Single-Point CT Rated Meters
  • Multi-Customer CT Rated Meters

ideal for billing purposes

Paired with MeterConnex, our electricity meters can compile meter data into useful reports for energy managers, property managers, and more.

Metered EV Charging Solution

Our electricity meters are regulated in North America and are ideal for any electrical use in metering EV charging stations.. All meters used for billing purposes are calibrated and sealed to Federal standards.

triacta multi meters

Triacta’s PowerHawk meters are the most advanced on the market and the only multi-customer meter that is BACNet (BTL) listed. QMC supplies, tests, seals, and provides S-E-04 inspections. These meters are ideal for installation in today’s intelligent buildings, which require interconnectivity of meter data with several user groups, including:

  • Building Automation Systems
  • Energy Management Software
  • Third-Party Billing Vendors

Triacta meters have a capacity of up to 40 CTs, multiple communications options such as Ethernet and BACnet IP, and more.

Image of a Triacta Powerhawk, an electricity submeter that QMC sells

Trilliant smart Meters

Trilliant Network Controls, Inc provides a versatile line of revenue grade electricity meters. All smart meters can communicate with Modbus RS485 or PLC communications options. Gas and water meter pulse outputs can also be collected by the Trilliant system. Each meter type has a pulse input option.

The MiniCloset5C is a revenue grade multi-meter capable of monitoring up to eight 3P4W loads.

Numerous communications options are available and can accept pulse inputs from up to 48 other meters. Ideal for tenant billing or LEED M&V applications.

Manufacturer PDFs

MC5c Com 3-Phase 4-Wire Wye Wiring

MC5c Com 3-Phase, 3-Wire Delta Wiring

MC5c Res 1-Phase, 3-Wire 240V 2EL Wiring

MC5c Res 1-Phase, 3-Wire 120 208V Wiring (Network)

MC5c Res 3-Phase, 4-Wire 1 EL Wiring

Scan Transponder-5 (ST-5)

RSM-5 Commercial Digital Electric Meter

MiniCloset-5c Residential

MiniCloset-5c Commercial


  • Robust multi-meter technology, ideal for new construction or retrofit projects
  • Measurement Canada approved for legal tenant billing
  • Commercial: meters up to 8 3P4W loads or 12 600V Delta loads
  • Residential: meters up to 12 240V loads or 24 120V single phase loads
  • Accepts solid-core or split-core current transformers of any amperage
  • Voltage: Available for any voltage: 120/208V, 240V, 277/480V, 347/600V and 600V Delta
  • No requirement for potential transformers, even for higher voltages
  • Reverification: Modular design and use of 5Amp secondary CTs eliminates the need for tenant shutdown during reverification
  • Communication options: power-line carrier, modbus RS485, internal modem, BACNet
  • Pulse Inputs: can accept up to 48 pulse inputs from gas, water or thermal meters
  • Measures KWh, KW demand, V, A, Power Factor
  • Drastically reduces per meter point costs for tenant billing, energy management or LEED M&V

Numerous communications options including power-line carrier and modbus and can accept pulse inputs from up to 4 other meters. Ideal for commercial and residential tenant billing retrofits where existing meter bases are available.

Manufacturer PDF

S-20 Digital Electric Socket Meter


  • Smart digital socket meter for residential and commercial retrofit applications
  • Measurement Canada approved for legal tenant billing
  • Available in any Jaw configuration – 4 Jaw, 5 Jaw, 7 Jaw, 13 Jaw
  • 120V, 120/208V, 240V, 277/480V, 347/600V, and 600V Delta
  • Up to 200A (larger amperage loads will require external current transformers)
  • Communication options: Power-Line Carrier, Modbus RS485, Internal Modem, BACNet
  • Pulse Inputs: Can accept up to 4 pulse inputs from gas, water or thermal meters
  • Measures KWh, Kilowatt demand, V, A, Power Factor
  • Cost effective meters for upgrading analog electricity meters to complete automated meter system
Image of a Trilliant Minicloset-5c Commercial

Digital Socket Meters

QMC supplies Itron digital socket meters for tenant metering at residential and recreational properties. The electricity meters are for manual meter reading applications only. The meters are tested and sealed by QMC and are Measurement Canada approved.

  • Low cost, robust digital socket meters for residential and commercial applications
  • Measurement Canada approved for legal tenant billing
  • Availability in 120V, 120/208V, 240V, 277/480V, and 347/600V
Image of a Itron socket meter, an electricity submeter that QMC sells