Rotary, Diaphragm and Insertion Gas Meters For Your New or Retrofit Project

Gas Meters

QMC provides gas metering systems for both tenant billing and energy management applications. Our selection of gas meters includes a range of options to suit different flow rates, operating conditions, and budget requirements.

image of mechanical room with gas meters installed from QMC

Rotary and Diaphragm Meters

Accurate and reliable gas flow measurement is essential for a variety of residential, commercial and industrial applications. QMC sources and supplies gas metering hardware with the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

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iamge of roots gas meter from QMC

Rotary Gas Meters

Rotary gas meters, such as the ROOTS Solid State Pulser, allow for the measurement of large amounts of gas flow. Rotary gas meters have multiple applications and can be used in both indoor and outdoor locations.


  • Bounceless Switch
  • Internal Mounting
  • No Moving Parts

Diaphragm Gas Meters

Diaphragm gas meters, such as the Elster AC250, allow for the measurement of flow channels designed for low pressure losses. The volume is displayed directly on the meter itself. Diaphragm gas meters allow building operators to measure very small amounts of gas accurately.


  • Die-Cast Aluminum Case
  • Long-Life, Low Friction, Grommet Seals
  • Molded diaphragms for Smooth Operation and Long Life
image of a gas meter from QMC
image of a boilertrak meter from QMC and SRB

Insertion Mass Flow Meters

Insertion mass flow gas meters, such as the BoilerTrak 620S, are inserted directly into the flow stream to measure the flow rate of gases, liquids, or slurries in stacks, irregularly shaped lines, and process ducts. Insertion mass flow gas meters are ideal for testing and verification purposes, non-revenue check metering, and more.


  • Fast Response Flow Meter
  • Optional Modbus Communication
  • Outstanding Rangeability
image of a group of gas meters from QMC
Gas System Components

QMC assists its commercial, residential, and institutional customers by:

Selecting the correct meter type

Deploying and verifying the meters

Calculating consumption values and billing rates

Common Gas Meter Systems

QMC’s most commonly deployed gas meter systems include:

Residential systems for condominiums and townhouses

Commercial tenant metering for large users such as restaurants, gyms, or food courts

Key loads metering of boilers and other heating loads

Separate campus building monitoring, and targeting purposes

Allocating gas loads within a mixed-use property

Integration of main gas utility meters for building level metering

What Markets are Gas Meters Installed in:

Your Gas Metering Experts

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