True Utility Data – Truety

Wireless Water Metering Solution

Truety is North America’s first intelligent, encoded and utility grade solution for the water submetering industry.

image of wireless water meters available for purchase

Smart and Secure.

Utility-grade water metering has arrived in North America. QMC, in conjunction with GWF, offers smart, wireless and encoded water metering hardware to residential, commercial, and distributed metering networks in both the United States and Canada.

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QMC offers utility-grade, brass constructed and encoded water meters for use in any application. Built for both indoor and outdoor applications, our meters are ideal in multi-residential, commercial, and distributed networks such as mobile homes, marinas, campsites and more.


Our Truety line of water meters are at the cutting edge of wireless technology: Our meters utilize Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) frequencies to communicate with one another over vast distances, reducing the number of gateway systems needed to collect data, lowering installation costs. The data sent through LoRaWAN wavelengths are also encoded for maximum security, and ensures accuracy during cost reallocation.


Truety is supported by our data reporting platform MeterConnex. Improve your business execution with real-time, error free commissioning and simplified access to actionable encoded meter data. Our mobile commissioning tools and web portals are built with speed and efficiency in mind.

New Wireless Water Metering Solution

To learn more about Truety, our new water metering solution from QMC and GWF, visit our website today.