Verify Existing Meters for Accuracy

Temporary Metering Services

Audit and verify existing metering assets with QMC’s Temporary Metering Service. Available for all utility types, gain an in-depth understanding of the accuracy of existing hardware at a fraction of the price of conventional audit processes.

image of a boiler room with temporary meters installed to check for accuracy

When was the last time your HVAC system was measured for accuracy? Have an idea of your building’s real HVAC demands?

Are your building systems sized accordingly? QMC’s Temporary Metering Service can help. See below for two options:

image of the supercal 440 and the ultramaxx

Option 1: Verify Existing Meters

QMC’s Temporary Metering Service provides energy managers and building operators a cost-effective way to verify their building’s energy data. 

A QMC technician installs a temporary meter in series with your existing meter installation. Meter data is then sent to MeterConnex, allowing clients remote access and viewing.

Option 2: Energy Audit and Survey

QMC’s Temporary Metering Service provides engineers and energy consultants an effective method to audit energy use.

QMC technicians install a temporary meter in line with the existing meter to audit and verify the information sent. This option is ideal for mechanicial engineers, contractors and energy managers.

Realize energy reductions or identify lost revenue sources, improving your net operating income.

image of technician working on temporary meter services

Pair The Best Hardware With The Best Reporting Platform

MeterConnex™ is our in-house reporting platform that can help you see problems in real-time, make corrections, and save money. 

Image of a computer screen with QMC's utility data management system, MeterConnex, home screen.

Temporary Metering Services is Applicable in These Markets:

Verify Existing Metering Hardware for Accuracy

Regardless of which service you choose, ensuring meter data accuracy is critical to making an informed decision. QMC’s Temporary Metering service is ideal for verifying your building’s energy consumption for both revenue metering and check metering.

QMC offers advanced quality management systems to support your regulatory needs. Tell us what you’re looking for! Let our experts at QMC help to build the right solution for your needs.