What Does Sustainability Through Accountability Mean?

The sustainable consumption of energy and our natural resources will be our generation’s legacy. It is the responsibility of governments, corporations, institutions, property managers, owners, and tenants to consume energy and utilities in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Sustainability through Accountability is the practice of utilizing metering equipment, energy management software, direct utility billing, and tenant engagement to achieve energy reductions. Each of the main stakeholder groups is then motivated to practice conservation behaviors. All stakeholders in the property can be held accountable with the right submetering technologies in place.

Corporate Social Responsibility

QMC is pleased to announce the release of our first Corporate Sustainability Report, Sustaining Green Accountability. It highlights sustainability activities and energy conservation initiatives we have taken with our internal operations and staff across North America and sets out our targets for the years ahead.

To date, our metering systems have saved over 500,000,000 ekWh in 2020. We will continue our work to promote resiliency around us, and in the world.

“Attain sustainability goals and improve building performance through our expertise, best practices, products, and solutions.”

Sustainability through Accountability means tenants and building operators can lessen the environmental impact of their building through submetering. It’s an intelligent solution for sustainable utility consumption.

…will be financially responsible for their energy consumption and will be given tools and incentives to conserve.

Energy Consultants

…will be have the ability to measure and verify equipment and ensure standards are met.

Building Operators

…will be given access to the tools and resources to monitor and find efficiencies in base building energy use.