Integrated Metering

QMC enables building portfolios, utilities and institutions to optimize their energy and water use by utilizing best-in-class submetering hardware, software, and communications. Improve building performance, utility conservation and achieve your sustainability goals in partnership with QMC.

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Utility Grade Water Metering

Truety is North America’s first intelligent, encoded and utility grade solution for the water submetering industry. Truety combines proven and reliable encoded readings with robust and highly accurate metering devices.

Secure wireless LoRaWAN communications and a mobile NFC based tap and go verification system will streamline your operations. The Truety ecosystem eliminates errors, improves quality and builds trust.

Our Metering Solutions

QMC offers metering hardware for all utility types: Electricity, Water, Thermal (BTU, Heat), Gas and Steam. Once installed, our meters are applicable for both revenue and check metering purposes.


QMC supplies industry-leading electricity meters for remote monitoring, tenant billing and energy management purposes.


QMC supplies the best smart water meters for residential, commercial, and institutional applications in North America.


Thermal meters can be used for multi-tenant residential applications or the monitoring of central plant systems.


QMC provides gas metering systems for both tenant billing and energy management applications.

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Explore Markets

We provide metering and submetering solutions for the built environment. We service commercial buildings such as malls and office complexes; multi-residential apartment buildings and condominiums; institutional buildings such as universities, schools, hospitals, military bases, federal buildings, provincial buildings; industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses and plants; recreational and distributed networks such as marinas, manufactured homes and RV parks.


We Make Data Driven Decisions

QMC’s Meterconnex™ is our web-based meter reading and data collection platform. MeterConnex is the industry’s only multi-protocol, multi-utility, vendor agnostic, one-stop tool for submetering service providers, utilities and energy managers.

We monitor over 250,000 meter points on a daily basis , from real-time to hourly intervals. MeterConnex can process meter data into standard reporting formats for export to 3rd party billing and accounting platforms.

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image of downtown with large buildings

Integrated Metering Solutions

Complementing our metering hardware, we provide specialized We provide metering and submetering solutions for commercial buildings such as malls and office complexes; multi-residential apartment buildings and condominiums; universities, schools, and other institutions; factories, warehouses, and industrial establishments; and even recreational areas like marinas and RV parks.

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