QMC Core Values: Progressive

QMC’s Employee Recognition Program recognizes employees whose work exemplifies our company core values of Progressive, Innovative, Knowledgeable, Energetic and Personable. Each year employees can nominate their colleagues whose work reflects one of our core values. The nominations are voted on, and the selected employees receive a reward.

Thank You

We’d like to congratulate these two QMC team members whose impactful contributions to the organization have been recognized by their peers.

2022  Employee of The Year Recognition:

Congratulations to Travis McAlear from Toronto and JP LeBerg from Vancouver!

Employee of the Year – West Coast: JP LeBerg

JP made an immediate impact at QMC when he started in July of 2021 with his infectious positivity and energy. JP’s role as laboratory technician for our Vancouver office is one of the most important within the entire company, and he has done nothing but excel and exceed expectation. We look forward to seeing JP’s continued growth at QMC and want to thank him for his tremendous work either and commitment to our company.

Employee of the Year – East Coast: Travis McAlear

Travis has been the driving force behind the restructuring of our Toronto warehouse, which has lead to almost double the space, a safer working environment and an overall increase in efficiency for the entire office. Travis’s day to day efforts as Warehouse and Facility Manager are also to be commended; just like our warehouse space Travis is safe and efficient and makes life easier for all those who work around him. Thank you Travis for all your hard work!

Congratulations to both Travis and JP for their outstanding achievements. Your hard work, dedication, and passion have not only set you apart but have also raised the bar for excellence at QMC. Here’s to another year of success and continued growth!


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