QMC Core Values: Knowledgeable

QMC’s Employee Recognition Program recognizes employees whose work exemplifies our company core values of Progressive, Innovative, Knowledgeable, Energetic and Real. Each quarter employees can nominate their colleagues whose work reflects one of our core values. The nominations are voted on, and the selected employees receive a reward. 

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We’d like to say thanks to these QMC team members whose important contributions to the organization have been recognized by their peers.

Q4 2018  Employee Recognition:

Congratulations to Art Hemplo and Byron Downton from Toronto and Kannan Perichiappan from Vancouver for being knowledgeable!


“Art continues to expand on his already strong base of knowledge. Art’s first exposure to PLC systems occurred this past quarter and he has picked up the technical knowledge very quickly. His ability to acquire new skills and expand on his existing base of knowledge contributes to the smooth deployment and maintenance of systems across the Prairie Provinces”.


Byron demonstrates very good analytical skills that now combined with field experience helps when innovative metering solutions are required. He supports the project management team. Byron always going the extra mile for helping the junior PM or the project admin with technical questions or any other questions regarding the management of a project. E.g. shop drawings.


During Mimi’s absences, Kannan has gained more insight and knowledge into what Mimi does.  It can be somewhat challenging taking on added and new responsibilities, but Kannan performs all his tasks well and is able to accomplish everything he needs to.  Kannan has even registered as a Certified in Production & Inventory Management (CPIM) so he is able to contribute to the success of QMC even more!  He definitely is a valuable asset to our team!

In addition to our winners, QMC recognizes Belle, Jackie, and TJ. Congratulations on being nominated by your peers. 


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