New From QMC: Solving Energy Management System Compatibility

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A complete utility metering platform for integration and access to data that resolves meter and energy management system compatibility issues.

Introducing QMC’s Integrated Metering Solution for commercial real estate developers and property managers

  • Seamlessly network existing equipment and software with new installations
  • All encompassing; compatibility for all meter types for all utility types and all communication platforms 
  • All levels of building metering can be integrated: key load, building level and tenant consumption
  • We solve any metering problem with a property-specific solution

New and existing equipment integrate easily when utilizing our custom submeter solution.

Learn how QMC’s Integrated Metering Platform solves the problem of meter and system integration.

Confidence in Meter System Integration

QMC’s  Integrated Metering Platform can successfully integrate:

  • All utilities: electricity, water, thermal energy & gas
  • All meter manufacturers, new & existing where possible
  • All communications systems
  • All energy management software, new & existing where possible


How QMC’s Integrated Metering Solution Operates 

See below for an example of how QMC’s Integrated Metering Solution operates. New and existing utility meters can be seamlessly integrated into our Data Acquisition Devices, including data from Building Automation systems. From there, the data is sent to MeterConnex™, our web-based meter reporting platform that can analyze and monitor utility consumption. Tiered access is also available for anyone in your organization, and robust export capabilities are available to send data where it needs to go.

Diagram of how integrated metering can be implemented in all properties

QMC’s Integrated Metering Solution delivers:

  • Read and collect meter data from all manufacturers and utility types
  • Consumption reports for cost recovery
  • LEED metering and reporting best practices
  • Key load management
  • Property Level Metering
  • Tenant engagement
  • Benchmarking
  • Real time monitoring with alert capability
  • Building automation
  • Web-based energy management software
  • Integration with Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  • Open protocol, non-proprietary solution

 Integrated Metering with MeterConnex

QMC’s MeterConnex is meter-agnostic, and can read and interpret meter data regardless of the manufacturer. Our web-based reporting platform can retrieve meter data and provide a consistent, easy-to-read format for reporting purposes. The ability to create, view and download reports relevant to your operation makes MeterConnex the best choice for building owners and managers. Secure, online access to data and reports is available to various different stakeholders in an organization, such as property managers, accountants, building operators, consultants and occupants.

Confidence with Canada’s Industry Leader

Integration in the built environment is our specialty. Leading Canadian commercial real estate developers, property managers, and submetering companies turn to QMC for guidance as we are not manufacturers, but solution providers.

Our team is uniquely qualified to deliver an ideal integrated metering solution based on your specific needs. QMC provides clients with solutions that utilize modern technology to solve modern challenges.

QMC leads the industry in intelligent submetering solutions. We provide options to help building owners and occupants conserve energy and save money through the accurate submetering of a building’s utilities: electric, water, thermal and gas. Vancouver- based with offices across Canada, QMC has over 20 years of hands-on experience in the field and working with utility meter data.

Learn more about how new and existing equipment integrate easily when utilizing our custom submeter solution.

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