Edmonton Offers Businesses An Opportunity To Reduce Carbon Footprint

Edmonton is looking to the future by implementing the Building Energy Benchmarking Program – A plan to prepare the city for reducing their carbon footprint by 2030. As the city of Edmonton continues to grow it is vital that the city continues to focus on this program, as it currently ranks as the fifth largest city in Canada, boasting a population of over 1.5 million residents.

Edmonton reducing carbon footprint

As we’ve previously discussed on our blog, commercial buildings use almost 30% more energy than residential buildings; take a look at how NRCan has new incentives for installing metering in commercial and institutional buildings. The City of Edmonton would like to see this change happen by enacting a new pilot program: Edmonton’s Building Energy Benchmarking Program.

Edmonton’s Building Energy Benchmarking Program

This new program targets several factors for commercial buildings:

  • Aim to improve building energy efficiency
  • Aim to contribute to significant energy saving
  • Aim to contribute to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction

Edmonton’s new pilot program will do so by providing building owners with information about their building’s utility use, with advice on how to reduce their energy consumption. The Building Energy Benchmarking Program is in line with Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy, which seeks to reduce Edmonton’s GHG emissions, increase energy efficiency and energy conservation, as well as ensuring Edmonton’s energy delivery systems are resilient to climate change by 2030. Read more about Edmonton’s Energy Transition Strategy here.

How Will Edmonton’s Building Energy Benchmarking Program Work?

This voluntary three-year program uses NRCan’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® as an energy benchmarking tool. This tool is able to monitor energy and water consumption across building portfolios, streamlining reports for energy managers. Within the first year of this pilot program, Edmonton has already received support from 83 buildings, which represent over 22,000 square feet.

This is a huge opportunity for Edmontonians, and Canadians as a whole, to reduce their carbon footprint. By reducing energy utility consumption, building owners and operators are able to reduce their operational costs, as well as offsetting their GHG emissions.

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