Cost Recovery For Electric Vehicle Charging In Multi-Family Properties

A EV being charged with an EV charger that is being tracked by an electrical submeter

The need for Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging station is quickly expanding across North America.

Here’s How It Works: Meter, Report and Bill

The Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging station for each parking stall is monitored by a regulated QMC smart meter. The meter is located beside the electrical panel that has an individual breaker for each EV receptacle. Each meter is connected to the building network with internet access.

Cost Recovery For Electric Vehicle Charging

The smart meter data is pushed to the MeterConnex platform on a daily basis. A property manager is able to login into the account and make cost allocation reports for individual tenants or for the entire property. The reports include a charger per kWHr, meter fee (if applicable) and PST/GST if required. The reports can be downloaded in Excel, CSV or pdf format. QMC also offers a complete meter reading, billing and collection service where individual invoices will be sent to the tenants, fees are collected by QMC and remitted to the property manager.

Each tenant is assigned a unique login account and can view their EV charging electrical consumption history and costs on QMC’s  portal. The portal will provide information on EV charging costs and time charged on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Metering of each receptacle will ensure fair and accurate cost allocation for the energy consumed by each vehicle being charged.

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Submetering for EV charging

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Setting up electric vehicle charging in stratified buildings can be a complex process. Metro Vancouver ‘s  website walks EV owners, strata councils and property managers through typical steps in the process. They begin with understanding the options available; investigating the building’s unique challenges related to parking and strata bylaws; approval or denial of the request and finally installing the charging station.

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