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Rental Building Expenses Far Exceed Rent Increases

By submetering tenants and removing utility costs from total rent costs, building owners and operators can mitigate and better manage their total operating expenses. LandlordBC recently published an eye opening article detailing the struggles of purpose built rental buildings in Vancouver. The article found that even for buildings raising rent every year at the maximum rent […]

Maple Ridge Receives Grant For Energy Efficiency

Maple Ridge receives federal funding for high efficiency community centre.   The city of Maple Ridge was able to secure federal funding for a new high efficiency community centre, in line with several municipal funding programs.   The intended goal of the new Albion community centre is to achieve energy savings of over 70% compared […]

The electrical grid and buildings; what’s needed for the 21st century

  The new ASHRAE President’s ideas on the grid of the future and its impact on buildings With the model for our electrical grid about 100 years old, and buildings of today the electricity sector’s top customer it is easy to see that user demands would result in pressures on an aging system. The newly […]

Why You Should Submeter in Alberta and BC: 3 Facts

It’s no secret that the world is changing rapidly: From 100 year storms occurring every 30 years now to an increase in drought risk in more areas, climate change can be felt in all parts of the world. This increases the price of overall utilities. A big issue in Canada, specifically British Columbia (BC) and […]

Electric Vehicle charging stations; subject to federal measurement statutes?

A recent bulletin from Measurement Canada provides helpful information for property managers, electrical contractors and engineers designing and installing EV charging systems on their properties.  This bulletin explains the difference between an EV charging station providing a prepaid service on the basis of time vs. an EV charging station supplying electricity sold by energy or […]