Two New MeterConnex Updates Deliver More Functionality

A graph of chilled water consumption that has been monitored by a wireless water meter

MeterConnex is a meter data management system that combines automated, daily meter interrogation with a web-based interface and is geared specifically toward energy consumers, building operators, property managers, and LEED consultants.

Just Released –  MeterConnex Updates:


We have recently released our new Alarms and Alerts function. Users can select threshold limits on meter data to trigger email alerts to interested parties in over 100 different formats.  Set max and min limits on demand and consumption of electrical, water, gas and thermal energy or request daily, weekly or monthly ports. Examples of the alerts can be high kW demand intervals, leakage detection based upon continuous water usage, identification of equipment left on with after-hours usage.


This report provides a simple way to view meter interval data on one report. Create a monthly or annual heat map to identify usage patterns from hundreds to thousands of intervals on one graph.  Green intervals indicate low utility usage, yellow is moderate usage, red is intense consumption.  In one report you can identify anomalies in energy usage and recommend when to start heating your building based off predicted weather. This feature is particularly useful when deciding when to start heating your building during the winter months, which can lead to reduced energy consumption.

A heat map showing electrical usage monitored by an electrical smart meter

Two Reasons Why Building Managers Across Canada Use MeterConnex

Data is easily accessible for all staff through the MeterConnex Portal: Accountants, LEED M&V accountants, consultants, operators and energy managers can all access a building’s or portfolio’s meter data quickly and easily from their own PC. You can also connect 3rd party applications to your data with our simple to use MeterConnex™ API. MeterConnex™ can also push your data to popular energy reporting platforms such as ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®.

MeterConnex offers dozens of standard graphs and reports, and allows you customize your dashboard so you can view the most important information with ease. Our systems allows property managers to identify poor energy performance, take action and evaluate all saving you from rising energy costs.

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