MeterConnex Offers New Alerts And Report Updates

A graph of chilled water consumption that has been monitored by a wireless water meter

At QMC we regularly update our flagship web-based software MeterConnex with new features and ‘under the hood’ improvements to make managing your data better and easier. Here are the latest updates: 


MeterConnex now supports email alerts, allowing near real-time feedback on your energy usage.  Set alerts based on consumption or demand thresholds and have them sent to multiple recipients. This feature helps you know when you’re utility usage is higher than normal, this is vital when trying to lower your utility bill, as some utility companies charge premiums after a certain amount of usage. Our NEWEST addition to the alerts system allows you to see when your meters need to be reverified, allowing for easy verification scheduling.

Leak Detection:

Our leak detection report identifies water meters with potential leaks by identifying periods of constant consumption and flagging them as abnormal. This form of leak detection limits false reporting that can occur when using leak detection sensors or inaccurate water meters. Our alerts system will notify you as soon as a leak is detected, giving you the opportunity to investigate the leak before your utility bill sky rockets or any major damage can occur.

New reporting options:

MeterConnex can now automate sending of any report to multiple email recipients or deliver files directly to your FTP or Secure FTP server.  Reports can be sent daily, weekly or monthly.  Don’t see the report you’re looking for? QMC can customize a report to meet your requirements in HTML, XML, CSV, Excel, PDF or other file formats to fit your needs.

New Service Ticket System: 

MeterConnex new service ticket systems allows users to track service tickets and the status of their meters. Easily view history logs on service tickets and create close-out reports once a service item has been resolved. You can also add relevant site notes and upload important documents to making servicing your meters even easier.

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