Recent & Notable: Commercial & MURB Submetering Projects

image of QMC client Outlet Collection Winnipeg. Commercial MURB submetering projects

Here is just a sampling of the notable submetering system projects we’ve been working on to enable energy management, LEED M&V, and tenant billing solutions across Canada: 


IBM Campus, Toronto, Candarel Properties
QMC was successful in this tender with our solution to retrofit this property with new electrical submetering system and integrate existing ION and Carlo Gavazii meters onto the MeterConnex platform.  We look forward to working on this project with the new ownership team.


Outlet Collection, Winnipeg, Ivanhoe Cambridge (pictured)
QMC is putting the finishing touches on another Ivanhoe Cambridge premier shopping destination scheduled to open this spring.  QMC will be supplying electrical, water and gas metering for tenant billing and energy management purposes.  The meter system data will be available on the MeterConnex platform.


Kingsway Mall, Edmonton, Oxford Properties
QMC is providing an integrated water, gas, electric submeter meter system to Oxford Properties for the renovation of new commercial units within the shopping centre.

British Columbia:

Shannon Wall Centre, Vancouver, Wall Group of Companies
QMC is proud to be working with Wall Properties on the supply of thermal energy meters for the plant and residences in this premiere development.  QMC is providing the meter reading and billing services on behalf of the property management group.
QMC delivers turnkey submetering solutions from system design to meters and data management technology tools. We work with building owners, developers, and property managers across Canada to plan, design and implement location-specific submetering solutions.

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