Introducing QMC’s Encoded Wireless Water Meter Solution For Multi-Tenant Buildings

Wireless water submetering for retail, commercial, multi-family, residential and manufactured homes

QMC’s encoded wireless water meter solution Truety saves building owners time money and time

Meter Hot & Cold Water Consumption With 100% Accuracy

With QMC’s encoded wireless water meter solution, costly wiring from the meter to data collector is eliminated saving money and time.  Each system is designed project-specific so you get the best solution for your building – even for retrofits or buildings nearing completion.
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Complete Water Meter Solution; Wireless & Accurate

Encoded water meters are 100% accurate and commissioned in just 5% of the time compared to a typical pulse-based system.  QMC’s new end-to-end hot and cold water metering solution allows developers, contractors, engineers and submetering companies to incorporate metering into any multi-residential or retail project. All the benefits of a wired M-Bus system, now with wireless technology.

Headache-free Cost Recovery

No other wireless system can deliver 100% accurate, headache-free tenant billing. Invoicing to tenants is easy to understand as the meter readings on the invoice match the meter register. Here is how it works: QMC’s hot and cold water integrated metering system measures individual tenant usage and wirelessly transmits the meter serial number and exact meter register to 1-liter resolution. Building operators and tenants interface with meter data through MeterConnex which enables accurate billing, consumption data, leak detection and meter status.
Only QMC offers a wireless fixed network solution for metering hot and cold water.  Call us — we’d love to explain how it works and hear about your project.

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