RETScreen And Its Application In Commercial Buildings

RETScreen and its application in commercial buildings

Across the globe, many businesses and industries are setting goals to reduce their carbon footprint as the issue of energy reduction and global warming impacts every aspect of society – including the built environment.

Utilizing energy management systems is a vital part of the journey to net zero for building owners and managers. One method to consider is the implementation of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technology Screening (RETScreen) to help track, monitor, and manage a building’s energy performance.

What is RETScreen?

This decision-support tool empowers facility owners, managers and decision makers to quickly and inexpensively evaluate the energy production, costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risks for renewable-energy and energy-efficient technologies. As an energy management assistant for clean energy project analysis, managers can easily measure and verify the performance of their facilities to find additional energy savings/production opportunities in commercial buildings.

RETScreen is the world’s leading software to empower cleaner decisions. Created by the Government of Canada, it is a Clean Energy Management Software system for energy efficiency, renewable energy and cogeneration project feasibility analysis, as well as ongoing energy performance analysis. It operates by enabling low-carbon planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting for commercial or multi-unit residential buildings.

The continued growth of business infrastructure has increased the importance of a energy management tool like RETScreen. From installing a renewable energy system to implementing energy efficiency measures within a building, this software walks companies through the entire process with ease. The positives from implementing an energy management system include, reduced operational costs, optimized expenses, lowered carbon footprint, increased ROI and enhanced well-being and productivity.

Optimize with MeterConnex

As RETScreen focuses on planning, implementing, monitoring and reporting on a building’s or facility’s energy performance, energy efficiency measures can be improved through its incorporation with an energy reporting portal known as MeterConnex.

As a meter data management system, data from electrical, water, thermal, or gas meters is easily transformed into digestible information for RETScreen to interpret for additional efficiency. This application can be employed in singular buildings, or at the macro level across numerous buildings, facilities or institutions. By collecting all metering information on one platform using data acquisition devices, it removes the headache of needing specific software to read each meter, enabling a more simplified process for RETScreen to assess energy projects.

Efficiency for society

Installing an energy management system has proven benefits for commercial real estate owners, whether the goal is to reduce operational costs or carbon footprint through energy conservation. Software like RETScreen optimizes energy efficiency for buildings by guiding owners through their energy analysis processes for improved management decisions. The result is a more cost-effective operation and sustainable building. A carbon neutral society is possible, and owners are encouraged to use all resources to their advantage to make this a reality.

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