Leak Detection Saves Vermont Millions

image of water pipe bursting in vermont, and how leak detection can save millions

Trouble in Mount Pleasant

2023 started with two very different stories regarding leak detection. In January, the Mount Pleasant school in Washington was forced to close for over four days due to a leak that plumbing professionals were unable to locate. This closure cost the school thousands in repairs and wasted water, while also taking away valuable class time from the school’s students. The leak was eventually repaired but was only discovered due to a loss of water pressure in the school. With a leak detection system, the leak would have been detected long before it became a big enough problem to shut down the entire school. It also would have potentially saved thousands of liters of water, reducing the schools water bill and reducing the amount of wasted water.

Vermont Saves Over 30 Million Gallons

In Vermont, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) reported saving over 30 million gallons of water in 2022. The reason? The DEC offered free leak detection systems for the Vermont public water system for over 8 years to public institutions such as schools and public housing. This service resulted in 21 leaks being addressed in 2022 alone. Leak detection systems are vital in catching and identifying any problems within a building or property. Monitoring and proactive actions can lead to thousands of dollars in savings from water conservation. Due to the success of the current system the DEC is planning on doubling its funding for public leak detection in 2023.

image of buildings that have been retrofitted with metering systems from QMC

Act Faster

The two examples above highlight the importance of early planning and risk mitigation. Having a robust water metering system as well as a leak detection software in place is vital for any water system and can save the property thousands of dollars in utility cost and reduce potential damage to existing infrastructure. QMC’s MeterConnex platform offers real time leak detection, allowing you to act as soon as a leak is detected. MeterConnex sends alerts via email or text within 15 minutes of a potential leak and provides property managers and operations teams the ability to identify and repair the leak swiftly.  MeterConnex can also be used to track your utility usage, allowing you to monitor your daily usage. Our system can transform your data into easily digestible reports, bills or analytics, making it easy for you to understand and track your utility usage.

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