4 Reasons Why Smart Wireless Water Meters Are Effective

Why are smart wireless water meters effective? Learn more about wireless water metering on our new Truety solution website.

We’ve spoken about the effectiveness of our new service: That it can lower operating expenses, provide faster asset management and data acquisition as well as improving your customer engagement and transparency. But how does our system do it?

What Are The Benefits of Using a Smart Wireless Water Meter System?

Without getting too technical, QMC’s wireless water meters utilize Long Range, Wide Area Network Technology, or LoRaWAN for short – a new innovation within the Internet of Things (IoT) industry.

You can imagine LoRaWAN-enabled water meters work similarly to your cell phone: Our water meters record information and send it elsewhere, much like how your cell phone can take a photo, then sends it to a social media network for instance. The difference between a smart meter and your cell phone however is the amount of data being sent, as well as the amount of energy required to send it. Compared to a high-quality photo, a water meter sends much less information, which also lowers the data and energy requirements to send the information.

4 Reasons Why Smart Wireless Water Meters Are Effective For Your Next Project

So how is this beneficial? Here are some of the reasons why a smart wireless water meter system is better than traditional systems:

Wireless Water Meters are Economical

As mentioned above, a LoRaWAN-enabled meter uses significantly less energy to send their information than a phone. This makes it possible for a fresh battery inside a LoRaWAN water meter to last up to 10 years!* This allows a much lower cost of ownership for your water metering system, especially if you have certified and regulated water meters rated for a 10 year life span.

They have increased Range

A LoRaWAN system is able to surpass the range of almost every other wireless offering on the market. This is because it uses a specific bandwidth (868 MHz) that has an exceptional range. In an open field with no interference, it can reach up to 15 KM. Best case situation aside, you can expect around 1.5-2 KM in actual applications within buildings, which exceeds conventional metering technologies, such as manual meter reads or drive-by metering systems.

Wireless Meters are Scalable

A key feature within QMC’s smart wireless water system is its scalability. Easily set up new meter points and have them wirelessly connect to your current wireless water system. Remove the associated costs of time and energy with adding to your water metering system with a wireless water solution.

Highly Secure and Encrypted

LoRaWAN-enabled water meters also have end-to-end data encryption. Broadly speaking, this means that the wireless water meter system has security measures within it’s own system, and it also has security measures when information is pushed to a energy reporting software, like MeterConnex, ensuring the data stays secure.

In summary, QMC’s smart wireless water meters are able to operate for longer periods of time, further distances, ensure security within data, and is more cost effective than conventional water metering systems. Whether your project is a new build, existing structure, or a retrofit, our wireless water metering experts are here to help. Interested to learn more? Contact us today.

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