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QMC has had the privilege of working on extensive metering systems at some of Canada’s most marquee properties.

QMC has had the privilege of working on extensive metering systems at some of North America’s most marquee properties.

Metropolis at Metrotown (BC)

QMC supplied, commissioned and manages the meter data for over 800 electricity, gas and water meters at the shopping and office complex.

QMC continues to provide billing services and energy management software to the property.

West Edmonton Mall (AB)

QMC and its partners designed, supplied and installed an automated meter reading system for retail tenants at the second largest mall in North America.

The electricity, gas and water meters are integrated directly into the shopping centre’s billing system

Image of CFB Trenton

Canadian Forces Base TRENTON (on)

QMC supplied, commissioned and integrated a multi-utility metering system to isolate the energy use of 60 separate buildings within the base.

System is used for energy management and measurement and verification purposes.

Image of Granville Island

Granville Island (bc)

QMC designed, supplied, installed and commissioned an automated, multi-utility submetering system to allocate costs to market and retail tenants across the urban island.

QMC continues to provide billing services and energy management software to the property.


Eau Claire Tower (AB)

QMC worked closely the LEED Platinum property’s electrical and mechanical engineering teams to design and deploy an electricity and thermal energy metering system that collects meter data on one integrated network.

The system is used for tenant billing and advanced energy monitoring.


QMC acted as the general contractor to supply, install, commission and collect data for an energy management metering system.

The system is used to isolate electrical, gas and thermal energy consumption between buildings for LEED certification and energy monitoring purposes.


national defense hq

QMC designed, supplied and commissioned a multi-utility metering system with temperature and pressure sensors to allow for advanced energy management.

The meters and sensors operate with open-protocol, non-proprietary data loggers by QMC, allowing for seamless flow of meter data to the BAS.

Rogers centre

QMC supplied, commissioned and integrated electricity, gas and thermal energy meters for energy management and allocation of the facility’s main heating and cooling systems.

Rogers Centre consolidated their utilities into one energy management system, streamlining energy reporting requirements.


Oxford office portfolio (ON)

QMC worked with Oxford property teams to design and deploy key load metering systems and main meter data collection at over 30 office towers across Canada.

The systems installed are open protocol and non-proprietary and are accessed by several energy management software providers and building automation systems.

image of humber college, which uses QMC's Advanced Institutional Metering

Humber college (on)

Humber College wanted to isolate and monitor energy use on their two campuses, in order to better track and target energy efficiency across 47 buildings.


University of british columbia (BC)

QMC upgraded UBC’s electrical and water meter assets with AMI infrastructure to transmit hourly interval data from each meter to our cloud-based reporting software, MeterConnex.

UBC now has actionable data available from either a PC or mobile device.

image of students lounging at Ryerson University, another institutional using QMC's Advanced Institutional Metering

ryerson university (on)

Project Underway.

QMC has been awarded all three stages of this innovative project, and is acting as general contractor to supply, install and commission metering system and web-based energy management software for the entire campus.