Prevent Tenant Disputes With Certified Meters

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Metering Accuracy Is Crucial

Accuracy is crucial when it comes to tracking your electrical bill, especially as Canadian government restrictions and standards are constantly being updated and improved. Since 2019, the Canadian government has made it mandatory for all meters to undergo certification and recertification processes, authorized through Measurement Canada. These standards are in place to ensure that meters accurately measure consumption, eliminating the possibility of undercharging tenants and the potential for utility bill disputes. Proper certification protects both interests of landlord and tenant.

Certified electrical meters are a vital part of accurate billing and ensuring conformance to all local and government regulations. With test benches across Canada, we assess each meter’s performance, guaranteeing they maintain these standards. As a trusted partner certified by Measurement Canada, we are authorized to certified meters that meet the requirements set by them. We strive to offer a solution that not only complies with the law but also ensures optimal billing accuracy for our clients.

Tenants in commercial properties can easily dispute their electrical bill if the building has outdated meters or meters that are not Measurement Canada certified. One way for property managers to protect themselves from tenant disputes is by using certified meters installed by a certified technician, guaranteeing accurate readings

Utilizing a meter data management system gives property managers access to the data collected by all meter on the property, making it easy for property managers and tenants to see exactly how much electricity they are using. This eliminates any surprising electrical bills for tenants and helps to ensure a positive relationship between the property manager and the tenant.

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Certify Your Meters Today

Many active meters across Canada do not possess Measurement Canada required certifications. This situation raises concerns about potential inaccuracies in billing and the excessive waste of electrical resources. By relying on uncertified meters, landlords run the risk of undercharging their tenants or facing disputes regarding billing accuracy. To address this issue, it is crucial for landlords and property managers to take immediate action and prioritize the installation of certified meters. By doing so, they can ensure accurate billing, reduce waste, and maintain a trustworthy relationship with their tenants.

QMC’s commitment to providing certified and verified meters, backed by our expertise and partnership with Measurement Canada, offers landlords and property managers peace of mind and guarantees fair and accurate utility billing. Let’s prioritize the use of certified meters to promote transparency, efficiency, and responsible energy usage for a sustainable future. Contact us to learn more on how we can help.

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