What does QMC stand for?

Updated on December 19th, 2022

QMC stands for quality and innovative metering solutions for our customers. It reflects our passion for your business, our national presence and our leadership in the industry. Our new brand, and updated name is derived from the letter ‘Q’, the reliability of QMC solutions, and carries with it a story of vision and quality. It was designed to echo our friendly, straight forward business style. A name that pays respects to our past, while we move into the future.

Our business started in 1994 as a BC-based, electrical metering company. We have kept pace with the growth and changes in the submetering market and have diversified into providing submetering for all utilities: electricity, thermal energy, water and gas. QMC works with  leading meter manufacturers from across the globe to deploy open-protocol, non-proprietary metering solutions, tailored to each customer’s needs. We are Canada-wide and service our national clients from coast to coast. Our full service offering includes energy management software, tenant billing, system integrations, and Measurement Canada testing and inspections.

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Welcome to the new QMC and qmeters.com.


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