QMC utility metering projects on the go, across the country

QMC project: Rogers Centre

This year has been a terrific year for our team at QMC from launching our new brand to working on high profile utility metering projects  across the country.

Here are just a few: 

1. Eau Claire Tower, Calgary.  Developer: Oxford Properties.  QMC is providing the utility metering and system integration for the electrical, water, gas and thermal meters on each floor of the tower.  Metering is part of the project’s LEED M&V plan.

Oxford Properties states:  “Our vision around sustainability is clear – we want to grow our business without growing our environmental footprint and we want to continue to be an employer and partner of choice.We have integrated sustainability into the operations of our existing buildings and continue to introduce the latest green building materials and technologies into our new developments.”

2. Rogers Centre, Toronto.  QMC is delivering electrical, thermal and gas metering services of critical loads in the facility. Since its spectacular opening on June 3, 1989, Rogers Centre has achieved the highest honours in the stadium entertainment industry and is a leader in corporate environmental responsibility. In February 2005, Rogers Communications Inc. purchased the venue. Since then the venue has undergone many renovation and upgrade projects designed to meet the expectations of guests and promoters alike.

About Rogers Centre Environmental practices:  Investing capital resources in constructive strategies, Rogers Centre leads by example within the sports and entertainment venue industry. From their energy conservation program to our multi-layered recycling efforts and the in-stadium call to action for guests, Rogers Centre is working with all partners to lead the way in positive environmental practices.

3. Tsawwassen Mills, Tsawwassen, BC.  Developer: Ivanhoe Cambridge. QMC is working with Houle Electric,    providing revenue grade electrical, water and gas metering for the retail tenants.  Meter data management is on QMC’s MeterConnex platform.

Tsawwassen Mills is a shopping centre development  that will offer 1.2 million ft2 of retail and is slated to open in fall 2016. About Tsawwassen Mills;  Click here for a construction update.

Developer Ivanhoe Cambridge CSR strategy includes an environmental stewardship pillar. They are committed to improving measurement systems and benchmarking capabilities; promoting innovation and best practices; developing and implementing energy reduction tools and initiatives and setting electricity reduction targets.

QMC helps building owners and occupants conserve energy and save money through the submetering of a building’s utilities: electricity, water, thermal and gas. QMC is Vancouver-based with offices across Canada, QMC has both hands-on experience in the field, and extensive knowledge of utility billing, analytics, and conservation. Here is our story. 

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