QMC Surpasses 1000 Days of Safety

QMC Safety Days Edible Arrangements

Through personal diligence and proper training, staff members have stayed injury-free, leading to 1000 days of safety at QMC.

In light of this achievement, several activities were planned for our staff members. To start, we offered technicians as well as sales staff free hearing tests to determine if they were experiencing any hearing loss.

Then, to protect them from any future harm, we provided them with new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gear such as premium in-ear ear plugs. We also took this as a chance to quiz all our staff members on their general safety knowledge.

QMC Safety Days more tacos
QMC Safety Days tacos

Lastly, you can never go wrong with tacos and Edible Arrangements! At QMC, we value the safety of our staff members, whether at work in the office, or off site. QMC staff, thank you for staying safe, and let’s aim for 2000 days of safety!

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