BOMA Beyond Earth Hour Challenge 2020: Are You Ready?

QMC BOMA Beyond Earth Hour Challenge 2020

Are you ready for BOMA’s Beyond Earth Hour Challenge 2020? Register today and track your building’s progress through submetering.

BOMA Toronto’s annual Beyond Earth Hour Challenge is back, and will begin on March 27th – March 30th. QMC is proud to be partnered with BOMA to advise and educate property owners and building owners on how to track, measure, and save on utility consumption, and will be evaluating the Tenant Challenge portion of the challenge.

What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour originally began as a movement from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 2004 as a movement to encourage energy conservation. The premise began simple enough: Switch your lights off for one hour as a symbolic movement to reduce consumption. Present day, there are over 7000 cities and over 187 countries that engage in Earth Hour to raise awareness for energy consumption and the effects it has on the environment.

What is the Beyond Earth Hour Challenge?

The Beyond Earth Hour Challenge 2020 is a competition hosted by BOMA Toronto to evaluate participants on who has the greatest percentage reduction in electricity use over a weekend. The judging criteria is then split into two categories: The Building Challenge and The Tenant Challenge.

The Building Challenge will compare which total building can realize the greatest percentage reduction, while the Tenant Challenge will compare which individual tenant can see the greatest percentage reduction. See specific rules and guidelines here.

Winners will be announced at BOMA’s Excellence Gala in Toronto, as well as gain bragging rights within the industry. Register today! This is a big departure from last year’s auto-enrollment, so please make sure to enroll before the deadline on March 26th at 4 PM Eastern.

How Can I Track My Building Performance?

An essential part of tracking building performance relies on submetering, and the integrated systems that allow for the simple and secure transmission of meter data. QMC’s MeterConnex™ paired with submeters we provide can help. Our meters are best-in-class, and are Measurement Canada-approved. Installing submeters can drive down your operational costs and reduce your building’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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