Insights For Green Buildings From Utility Submetering Systems

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Green buildings require actionable insights to stay green

Utility submetering systems, part of a Green or LEED strategy, can be used to effectively  manage consumption in ongoing building operations leading to conserving behaviors and cost savings. When meter data is readily available to all stakeholders –  authorized LEED consultants, accounting, building operators and tenants –  better,  more sustainable  management of utilities will result.   The right energy management tools will provide insights for your green building, allowing your building operators to identify poor energy performance, take action, and evaluate savings. Tenants will see their consumption and through a user pays system, adopt energy efficient habits.

Green utility management through submetering:

  1. Utility submetering systems should be designed as one multi-utility system (electricity, water, gas, thermal).
  2. Ensure operations staff understands the building energy management tools
  3. Use meter data reporting to benchmark; monitor your baselines against actual usage, track your building’s performance over time, and against other similar buildings in your portfolio.
  4. Identify problem areas, plan for improvements and take action.
  5. Utilize metering consultants to ensure your system and operations team are fully optimized to benefit from meter data and reporting.
  6. Encourage accountability of tenants through a web-based, client-facing interface to drive energy efficient practices.

Building owners can be ‘smarter’  about managing their building’s energy use by utilizing an energy management system. Decision making is clearer with actionable insights that result from meter measurement data. An end-to-end energy management solution helps building owners, managers, and energy consultants rise to the challenge of corporate sustainability goals, tenant demand, and business goals.
Developers, property managers, and consultants work with us at  QMC to design and implement project-specific energy management systems that conserve utilities and save money. QMC has both hands-on experience in the field, and extensive knowledge of submetering, utility billing, analytics, and conservation.Our vision: sustainability through accountability.
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