How Energy Management Supports Green Building In Canada

The state of  green building in Canada is very positive as seen in the recent CaGBC / Delphi Group report  which highlighted the significant increase in LEED projects in the 5-year time period of 2009 to 2014.  For us, helping our commercial real estate development clients manage utility usage in a sustainable manner is the core to our business. From the Green Building in Canada report: “Real estate owners and property managers are increasingly taking a portfolio view to their building assets from a risk management perspective. They also compare the performance of buildings next to one another and to those of their competitors in order to attract and retain tenants and investors. As these practices become more standard across Canada, they will allow for better comparisons and a deeper understanding of building performance. This will allow a focus on designing more effective programs and related efforts to reduce environmental impacts and save on operational costs.”  It is through energy management systems that the vast amount of data generated from submetering a building’s utility usage is translated into actionable insights.

Key Steps to Energy Management for green buildings:

Metering, measuring, benchmarking and management are key steps to energy management. As a whole, they allow building owners, managers, and operators to manage utility usage more efficiently and sustainably, leading to conservation and cost savings.

QMC delivers end-to-end energy management solutions that building owners, managers, and energy consultants need as they rise to the challenge of corporate sustainability goals, tenant demand, and business goals. Our solutions provide precision reporting on utility consumption for accurate billing, reporting, and contribute to sustainable building management.add

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