A Utility Management Strategy Is Critical For Cost Savings

Sustainability through Accountability

A recent article on HBR.org reported companies waste 30% of the energy they consume (source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). A lack of proper utility management was seen as a result of siloed decision-making  leading to wasted utility costs. Intelligent utility management means treating electricity, water, thermal and gas utilities as strategic resources, not just expense line items.

“Eliminating the 30% of unnecessary consumption can improve profitability, reduce equipment downtime, become a competitive differentiator, and lower carbon emissions. The marginal effect on profit through reducing utility costs can be significant. Every dollar saved in utility costs becomes an additional dollar of net profit.”  See the Harvard Business Review article here: Companies That Don’t Manage Utilities Strategically Are Throwing Money Away

Intelligent Utility Management

Managing utilities in commercial buildings intelligently and sustainably contributes not only to business performance by saving money, but can  be a competitive differentiator.  Utility management, based on submetering technologies and  energy management software (EMS) can accurately measure, allocate, verify, and report on utility usage. Companies can receive data on consumption over time which will identify equipment problems that are causing increased consumption and energy inefficiency.  An  EMS system can help improve building performance:  alert a building operator to loads operating outside of building operating hours;  review load profiles to schedule the start-up of equipment more efficiently to reduce overall peak demand or identify “disproportionate” utility usage from tenants. Key team members (accountants, LEED M&V accountants, consultants, operators, and energy managers) accountable for a building’s  performance can easily access data  through one portal.
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Sustainability Through Accountability

.QMC works with Canada’s largest developers, property managers, and top energy consultants. We deliver turn-key submeter systems across Canada;  building-specific, fully managed submeter systems from design to post-installation service.  Our vision: Sustainability through Accountability

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