In Toronto: Earth Hour Challenge For Commercial Buildings

Commercial and institutional buildings in Canada account for about 12% of Canada’s secondary energy use and 11% of national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Not only do energy savings mean less GHG emissions, they also mean cost savings on utility bills. BOMA Toronto, WWF-Canada, Living Planet @ Work, QMC, and other corporate sponsors are encouraging commercial building managers, tenants and property managers to join the challenge and power down on Saturday, March 19 from 8:30 to 9:30 pm.  Read more about the Earth Hour challenge here in a Q and A with Living Planet @ Work sustainability engagement specialists.

Want to get involved in the 2016 Earth Hour Challenge but don’t know how? BOMA’s Earth Hour Challenge team will be hosting a webinar to help prepare participants and answer any questions they may have. Register here for the webinar taking place tomorrow March 10, 9 am (EST).

QMC is proud to be an Earth Hour Challenge Advisor. Utility submetering is an important component of encouraging conservation behaviours for building owners, managers and tenants.

March 19th: Earth Hour Challenge

The purpose of Earth Hour is to measure a reduction in energy use during earth hour.  But, we all know the real objective is to create greater awareness on the amount of electricity that is routinely wasted – as witnessed by the needless number of lighting burning across the city.

Complete Registration, Rules & Requirements from BOMA Toronto.

  1. The Building Challenge: With increasing support (almost 300 buildings registered last year) the Building challenge continues. Building Toolkit
  2. The Tenant Challenge: Are you a tenant that is separately metered? Sign up for the tenant challenge – We had great participation last year and are hoping to build on this support in 2016. Tenant Toolkit
  3. The Property Manager Challenge: The Property Manager Challenge is new this year and allows Property Managers to compete amongst their peers by registering their own office space.

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