ENERGY STAR Tenant Space Recognition Program Launches

ENERGY STAR Tenant Space Recognition Program launches.

The ENERGY STAR Tenant Space Recognition Program continues the push for greater energy efficiency in commercial buildings.

Studies have shown that there are proven benefits to energy efficiency in the workplace. For example, a simple 20% reduction in current energy use for all commercial spaces in the US can lead to $5 billion USD saved in annual expenditures.

A simple 20% reduction in current energy use for commercial spaces can lead to $5 billion USD saved in annual expenditures

However, there are challenges to implementing energy efficiency practices in existing buildings. Some challenges include the timing and process of leases where there are multiple stakeholders, short design windows for implementing changes, as well as budget and design constraints. It’s also important to highlight the ambiguity in some lease agreements that are ambiguous about where owner responsibilities end and tenant responsibilities begin. This leads to neither tenant nor owner having complete control of measuring the building’s energy use.

In their efforts to combat this and to promote better energy efficiency practices, ENERGY STAR is introducing their new ENERGY STAR Tenant Space Recognition Program in the United States. This new program aims to improve energy efficiency in existing buildings by motivating tenants, building owners and other stakeholders to explore new ways to reduce energy consumption. The ENERGY STAR Tenant Space Program will also compile all tenant space data through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for benchmarking purposes.

Interested in joining the program? Here are ENERGY STAR’s recognition criteria:

  • Estimate energy use: Understanding your energy use helps identify actions you can take to make the biggest impact.
  • Meter: You can’t manage what you don’t measure!  Tenants must meter the energy they are responsible for in the building.
  • Light efficiently: Lighting is a major user and one of the most cost-effective upgrades. Tenants will need to meet a lighting energy use target to qualify for recognition.
  • Use efficient equipment: Upgrading equipment reduces the large energy draw from plug loads.  Tenants will need to provide an energy efficient equipment procurement policy.
  • Share data with the landlord (if requested): Your data may enable whole building benchmarking, which supports strategic investment in energy performance and is often needed for compliance with local laws and mandates.

QMC is positioned perfectly to help your building and tenant space achieve this new recognition. Our wide variety of meters (for electricity, water, gas, and heating/cooling) can help you manage and monitor energy consumption, while Meterconnex, our web reporting platform, can identify problems as they arise, and seamlessly integrate with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

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