Complete meter data integrator.

manage all your meter data in one location

MeterConnex™ is the perfect meter data management system for submetering and residential billing companies.

Our platform can collect and analyze data from all popular submetering and AMI systems in one convenient place, streamlining your billing and collections process.

MeterConnex is also multi-utility, providing you the same level of service across all utility types: Water, Electricity, Gas, and Heating & Cooling.

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MeterConnex combines our own in-house created software which manages the meter data, as well as an easy to use web-based interface for reporting. MeterConnex can export meter data to billing systems or BAS. The ability to create, view and download reports relevant to your operation make MeterConnex a top choice for building owners, managers, and submetering companies.

With more data at your disposal, those with access to MeterConnex will be able to pinpoint problems as they surface, rather than reacting to them later. Meter anomaly reporting is a fundamental part of MeterConnex, as users are able to instantly create and view reports on their meters.

Many manufacturers have their own software for reading their meters, but if you’re running multiple different metering systems, you’re forced to manage all these pieces of software individually. MeterConnex can handle the meter reading of all types of meters and provides the data over a simple web portal, expertly handling hundreds or thousands of meters, and can scale based on your required needs. 

MeterConnex is flexible, cost effective and delivers the data you need to manage your building’s utilities effectively.

Meter agnostic

Many meter manufacturers constrict their users by forcing them to use their specific software for reading their meters, but this can add up to several siloed software programs running independently of each other.

MeterConnex can manage the meter reading of all types of meters. It provides the data over a simple web portal. Able to handle hundreds or thousands of meters, MeterConnex is scalable for all types of buildings.

All-in-one meter dashboard

MeterConnex Dashboard

How does MeterConnex work?

Through the use of Data acquisition devices, MeterConnex can easily connect and read both new and existing submeters and utility systems. From there, meter data is analyzed and reports are available through our web portal, with easy export to other APIs, billing systems, operators, and more.

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Connect and Read Any Utility Type

MeterConnex can easily read and analyze meter data from a variety of utility types, whether they are water submeters, electricity submeters, gas submeters, or heat meters that measure the heating and cooling of a space. 

Easily see your building’s total energy performance remotely, and use MeterConnex as your tool to find and fix building problems early.

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integrate with any existing system

Many meter manufacturers force you to use their specific software to read their meters. MeterConnex gives you the freedom to either use MeterConnex as your reporting platform, or export out any meter data to your existing building management systems. 

Export customized reports in .csv formats, as well as downloadable data formats to quickly onboard MeterConnex to your workflow, reducing downtime spent compiling data from different manufacturer’s software. 

Connect Any Meter

MeterConnex can manage the meter reading of all types of meter, with no proprietary restrictions.

Simply connect your existing meters alongside QMC’s meters in our simple to use web portal. View all meters on a property in one place, on any web browser. MeterConnex is scalable for all types of buildings.

Meets all benchmarking requirements

MeterConnex is approved for all your regulatory and benchmarking needs.

Our software is cross-compatible and can report to US Green Building Council (USGBC) as well as ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager for LEED certification or general benchmarking.

QMC Benchmarking with ENERGY STAR and USGBC
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