Gas meters

QMC provides gas metering systems for both tenant billing and energy management applications.

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Gas System Components

QMC assists its commercial, residential, and institutional customers by:

Selecting the correct meter type
Deploying and verifying the meters
Calculating consumption values and billing rates

Bird's eye view of an institutional property using Advanced Institutional Metering from QMC

Common Gas Meter Systems

QMC's most commonly deployed gas meter systems include:

Residential systems for condominiums and townhouses
Commercial tenant metering for large users such as restaurants, gyms, or food courts
Key loads metering of boilers and other heating loads
Separate campus building monitoring, and targeting purposes
Allocating gas loads within a mixed-use property
Integration of main gas utility meters for building level metering

Key Load Metering allows property managers and building owners to effectively measure multiple utility loads at once

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