Metro Vancouver Studying Water Meters As A Way To Conserve Water

The water shortages of 2015 are prompting Metro Vancouver to begin water use restrictions two weeks earlier than normal starting mid-may in an attempt to avoid a repeat of last summer’s shortage. Water metering or other strategies are also being studied as possible long-term solutions to conserving water supply in the region. “Basically water metering is a way to charge people for how much water they use and that does help people reduce how much they consume,” says North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto, who is also the chair of Metro Vancouver’s utilities committee.

Managing water, electricity, gas or thermal utility consumption through metering helps conserve because measuring consumption leads to conserving behaviors. Our experience providing metering solutions across Canada proves just that. Building developers of multi-residential properties  and commercial developers  who implement utility management programs   can impact conservation and better sustainability results.

It is our view that it makes good business sense that water, like other utilities, be metered.  We recognize that water metering for single family homes is a long term project.  New build and retro-fit multi-residential  properties can  be and should be metered for water, like commercial and institutional properties. This  will drive conservation through accountability.

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