Consumption accountability; water and more

The water shortage in the west has put the spotlight on consumption and conservation.  Water metering and other utility metering is found in commercial, institutional and many multi-residential properties. However, residential water metering lags even though metering has proven to reduce consumption.   The Globe and Mail recently ran a story referring to metering efforts in various Lower mainland municipalities.  This follows a recent  Vancouver Sun story we commented on in our Blog last week.  A quote from the August 2nd Globe  story:  “Divide up Canadian cities from those that are metered and those that are not: The ones that are metered use about … 40 to 45 per cent less water per person,” said Steven Renzetti, an economics professor specializing in water at Brock University.” Read the whole story here.

We know that utility management through submetering helps, whether for sustainability or  cost control,  because measuring consumption leads to conservation. Our experience providing metering solutions across Canada proves just that. Building developers of multi-residential properties  and commercial developers  who implement utility management programs   can impact conservation and better sustainability results.

It is our view that it makes good business sense that water, like other utilities, be metered.  We recognize that water metering for single family homes is a long term project.  New build and retro-fit multi-residential  properties can  be and should be metered for water, like commercial and institutional properties. This  will drive conservation through accountability.



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