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Submetering is a key component of LEED certified buildings and the value to property owners and developers is reflected in the credits available from metering in each of the LEED Rating Systems. Electrical or mechanical engineers and energy consultants play a critical role in designing and implementing advanced submetering systems that meet properties’ and stakeholders evolving needs. Metering projects can have several stakeholders and user groups, including developers, property managers, operators, accountants, controls vendors, energy managers, and even tenants. A trusted partner to help meet the various requirements and expectations in a submeter project  is critical.  You need a partner with extensive experience in the field working with engineers and contractors; who can work on metering system design, budgeting, deployment, and integration.

Implementing a LEED metering project?

Because metering has become a niche technology in the construction industry, experienced advisors can be a game-changer. With QMC as your go-to resource, revenue approved tenant sub-metering, LEED and energy management metering projects are easier to implement and manage. QMC provides the hardware and services for a turnkey LEED metering system. Building operators will have our experienced team to  walk you through these options and determine the best one for your needs. Plus, there is no need to alter your electrical distribution with QMC’s meter designs. Send us a single line drawing and we’ll design the system for you.
Our team at QMC can provide input on all aspects of a property’s metering and submetering needs including planning and design, implementation and management. With two generations of experience behind us, our experts are ready and able to review your project and work with you to find efficient, cost-effective solutions to meet even the most precise specifications.
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