Intelligent Utility Management made possible with big data

MeterConnex allows property managers, building owners, and facility managers to turn meter data in to actionable reports.
The vast amount of data generated from submetering utilities can enable building owners, managers and operators to manage their utility usage more efficiently, leading to conservation and cost savings. However without energy management software (EMS) that will automate measuring, monitoring and reporting, your ‘big data’ won’t be easily turned into actionable insights.  The big data needed for intelligent decision-making is, on its own, useless.  An  EMS system can help improve building performance:  alert a building operator to loads operating outside of building operating hours;  review load profiles to schedule the startup of equipment more efficiently  to reduce overall peak demand or identify “disproportionate” utility usage from tenants.  The automated conversion of data to reporting either in real time or post event makes turning information into intelligence easy.
Another challenge with big data from meter systems is that it is not always accessible or consistent. Many meter manufacturers have proprietary software for reading their meters, so if you are running multiple metering systems in your properties, you will have to manage all these pieces of software individually.  A web-based solution, that is meter agnostic, can solve this problem and deliver the intelligence you need in a cost-effective way. A good energy management system is web-based because it allows easy access for numerous users: property managers, building operators, energy managers, M&V consultants, commissioning agents or tenants.
QMC’s MeterConnex can handle the electrical, water, thermal and gas meter readings of all brands and multiple protocols plus provide the data over a simple web portal. It can handle hundreds or even thousands of meters, making MeterConnex scalable for all types of buildings. It offers a flexible, cost effective solution to building owners or property managers providing them with the necessary data and analysis to manage a building’s utilities effectively.
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