Heat Wave Generates Questions About The Future

Image of a fan during the heatwave

With the heatwave currently enveloping the Pacific Northwest, the burning question remains: Are we prepared for the future? Accurately measuring utility use will become more important than ever.

Over the weekend BC Hydro found that demand was up 7,972 megawatts, smashing the previous record of 7,897 megawatts last August, as residents across the Lower Mainland tried to keep cool in the blistering heat.

A major reason heatwaves adversely affect those living in the Pacific Northwest is that we tend to focus on designing buildings with heating in mind, compared to cooling. Typically, our energy use spikes during winter months compared to summer months. Our buildings are designed with heat insulation in mind, leading to issues with sustained natural heating periods like we are experiencing right now.

Buildings In The Pacific Northwest Are Designed For Heating In Mind, Compared To Cooling

Times are changing: As our summers continue to increase in intensity, some are questioning if our cooling needs may one day surpass our heating needs. Regardless of heating or cooling, it’s more important than ever before to accurately measure utility use.

Accurately pinpointing consumption with world-class meters can allow building operators, developers and property managers to collect accurate data points for analysis.

Accurately Measure Utility Use With World-Class Meters And A Reporting Platform

From there, a meter data management system helps to analyze the data for actionable insights, from increasing comfort and productivity of building occupants, optimizing equipment performance, to identifying non-revenue sources within a building.

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