Building Intelligence

Skyscrapers that all have submetering solutions installed them to accurately track utility usage and communicate any usage back to a network.

Building Intelligence means operators and property managers receive information when they need it. 

Being able to easily access data about buildings drives better operational results

More than data it is actionable reporting, easily accessible by building owners, staff, energy consultants and tenants. This data can enable more sustainable operations through the resulting accountability that occurs through regular reporting. Meter data and submetering plays a big role in the effective management of a commercial, institutional or mixed-use property.

The vast amount of data generated from submetering utilities can enable building owners, managers and operators to manage their utility usage more efficiently, leading to conservation and cost savings. However, without energy management software (EMS) that will automate measuring, monitoring and reporting, your data won’t be easily turned into actionable insights.

QMC’s MeterConnex offers building owners or property managers a flexible, cost-effective energy management solution which provides the necessary data and analysis to manage a building’s utilities intelligently. It can handle the electrical, water, thermal and gas meter readings of all brands and multiple protocols plus provide the data over a simple web portal. MeterConnex can handle hundreds or even thousands of meters, making it scalable for all types of buildings. MeterConnex can automate the sending of any report to multiple email recipients or deliver files directly to your FTP or Secure FTP server.  Reports can be sent daily, weekly or monthly.  In a format that meets your requirements in HTML, XML, CSV, Excel, PDF or other file formats. Decision making is clearer with actionable insights that result from meter measurement data.

Building Intelligence with Submetering for Electricity, Water, Thermal Energy, and Gas:

  • Fault detection
  • Alerts
  • Leak Detection
  • Cost recovery
  • Consumption savings
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Benchmarking

Learn more about how an end-to-end energy management solution helps building owners, managers, and energy consultants rise to the challenge of corporate sustainability goals, tenant demand, and business goals.

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