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Integrated Submetering

Metering for Sustainability & LEED Credits

Helping You Achieve LEED Certification

Because we design, deliver and implement the QMC team ensures each piece of the project hardware and software is compatible with LEED certification guidelines. We’ll provide you with everything you need, including…

  • Design specifications
  • Budgeting
  • Project management
  • Integration
  • Software reporting

Our Turnkey System  

QMC’s experience with LEED includes projects with leading building owners across Canada. Our team can develop a turnkey LEED Metering System that includes:

  • Meters for electricity, water, gas, and thermal energy
  • Communications equipment
  • Reporting software, either new or integrated into an existing system
  • All related services, such as contractor coordination and verification

QMC simplifies the process of LEED sub-metering solutions. Download our LEED brochure here.

LEED v4 Compatibility 

With the introduction of LEED v4, metering systems are becoming increasingly important to earning LEED credits. QMC is working with its consulting partners and clients to design and deploy metering systems that score all of the direct metering credits and complement systems for other water and energy credits.

There are 2 direct prerequisites and 2-8 credits for LEED v4 BD+C and Operations & Maintenance that require QMC metering systems.


Prerequisite – Building Level Water Metering: QMC will integrate the main utility water meter or supply a redundant meter to allow for automated data collection. We’ll also provide software for continuous operational monitoring and for producing reports to the CAGBC/USGBC

Credit – Water Metering (1 point BD+C, 2 points O&M): QMC will supply, automate and report on large water loads, including

  • Irrigation
  • Indoor plumbing fixtures
  • Reclaimed water
  • And more!



Prerequisite – Building Level Energy Metering: QMC will integrate the main utility electricity, gas, thermal, and/or steam meters or supply redundant meters to allow for automated data collection.

Credit – Advanced Energy Metering (1 point BD+C, 2 points O&M): QMC will supply, automate, and report on large electrical, thermal and/or gas loads. If the project is Core and Shell, QMC will supply Measurement Canada-approved tenant metering

Credit – Enhanced Commissioning – Path 2 (4 points): QMC will provide the metering equipment and software reporting needed for continuous monitoring of key loads, to identify anomalies and variances in energy use


Energy Awareness – QMC deploys or integrates with lobby sustainability dashboards. Meter data and dashboard software will show building energy use and sustainability features, allowing for education programs or challenges

Tenant Energy Engagement – QMC provides meter hardware and tenant portal software to help the property engage tenants and other stakeholders by showing them their direct energy consumption. This allows tenants to discover where energy is being used inefficiently and take action to reduce consumption.


E&A – Demand Response – integrated metering required for demand shedding activities

E&A – Renewable Energy Production