QMC Approved For Data Exchange with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®

QMC is proud to announce that MeterConnex™, our web-based energy reporting software, has recently been approved for data exchange with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. This means we will be able to directly submit our customer’s metering data to ENERGY STAR on their behalf to potentially earn the ENERGY STAR rating for their associated property or portfolio.

Already enrolled in ENERGY STAR? Customers can now directly search for QMC through ENERGY STAR’s directory under “QMCMetering”. after linking their accounts, we will be able to automate any ENERGY STAR-related data submission processes through MeterConnex. This makes it easier than ever to track and measure your building’s consumption levels, and report on them as well.

What is ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is the perfect answer to measuring and tracking a property, or an entire portfolio’s energy consumption in an online format:

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager now allows building owners and architects to benchmark the expected energy performance of their design projects. Certain building types are eligible to receive an ENERGY STAR score in the design phase based on their energy models.”

Further, buildings that score above 75 may be eligible to achieve the award “Designed to Earn the ENERGY STAR“. Interested to know if your your building can earn the ENERGY STAR? Contact us now, we can help.

Building Level Metering

Programs like MeterConnex are useful in measuring one or all utility systems within a building. In fact, this is in line with one of our new service offerings, Building Level Metering. QMC can integrate all of a property’s main utility meters onto one real-time data collection system. This system can then provide analytics, automated reports and alarms through MeterConnex. Portfolio managers are then able to effectively manage their utility costs, energy efficiency programs, GHG emissions, and corporate sustainability reporting. Interested to learn more about Building Level Metering? Contact us here

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