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Integrated Submetering

Gas Meters

QMC provides gas metering systems for both tenant billing and energy management applications.


Natural Gas is regulated by Measurement Canada, so all meters must be Measurement Canada approved, tested and sealed before a bill can be legally issued.

QMC assists its commercial, residential and institutional customers in…

  • Selecting the correct meter type
  • Deploying and verifying the meters
  • Calculating consumption values and billing rates.

Gas Meter Systems


QMC’s most commonly deployed gas meter systems include:

  • Residential systems for condominiums and townhouses
  • Commercial tenant metering for large users such as restaurants, gyms, or food courts
  • Key loads metering of boilers and other heating loads
  • Separate campus building monitoring, and targeting purposes
  • Allocating gas loads within a mixed-use property
  • Integration of main gas utility meters for building level metering


Please contact us for help in determining the right gas meter and communications options for you.