Thermal BTU MEtering

We plan, design, and implement thermal submeter systems.

thermal, btu or heat meter systems

QMC provides complete thermal metering systems at the commercial and multi-residential level. 

From flow meters, temperature sensors, and thermal calculators, along with the corresponding network connections to analyze the data outputs, QMC is North America’s leading thermal metering specialist. 

Thermal energy: Best practices

Learn more about regulations and best practices for the North American market now. 

Regulations coming to canada

Measurement Canada has announced a roadmap for regulating thermal meter usage in Canada. Installing approved thermal meters can save you time and money in the future.

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Pair the best hardware with the best reporting platform

MeterConnex™ is our in-house reporting platform that can help you see problems in real-time, make corrections, and save money. 


Energy conscious communities in North America are expanding their use of thermal energy systems for heating and cooling buildings. One challenge these systems face is the ability to effectively measure and bill thermal energy consumption to end users, such as condominiums, apartments, and commercial units.

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