Temporary Thermal
(BTU) Metering

Analyze your building's systems for
verification and auditing.

When was the last time your HVAC system was measured for accuracy?

Do you know your building’s real HVAC demands?

Are your building systems sized accordingly?

QMC’s Temporary Thermal Metering Service can help in two ways.

Workers in a HVAC room installing temporary thermal meters

Verify Existing Meters

QMC’s Temporary Thermal Metering Service provides energy managers and building operators a cost-effective way to verify their building’s energy data. 

  • A licensed QMC technician installs a temporary thermal meter in series with the existing building meter
  • Collected meter data will be sent to MeterConnex, allowing clients remote access and analysis
  • Intervals can be set anywhere from 5 seconds to monthly
  • Ideal for building managers, institutional customers, or large commercial and retail facilities

Energy Audit & Survey

QMC’s Temporary Thermal Metering Service provides engineers and energy consultants an effective method to audit energy use.

  • QMC installs a temporary meter in line with the existing meter for auditing purposes
  • Verify measurement data
  • Create value to realize energy reductions or identify lost revenue sources
  • Ideal for mechanical engineers, contractors, and energy
Image of a man looking up in an industrial boiler room

Download our one pager and our case studies below to learn more about our Temporary Thermal Metering Service!

Image of a PDF of our Temporary Thermal Meter Services as well as a Case Study for Shopping Centres

Regulations coming to canada

Measurement Canada has announced a roadmap for regulating thermal meter usage in Canada. Installing approved thermal meters can save you time and money in the future.

Read our blog now.

Need help with submetering your building or property? 

Pair the best hardware with the best reporting platform

MeterConnex™ is our in-house reporting platform that can help you see problems in real-time, make corrections, and save money.