Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging
station metering

Meter EV charging stations for any building.

Smart Meters for EV Charging Stations

The Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging station for each parking stall is monitored by a Measurement Canada approved QMC smart meter. The meter is located beside the electrical panel that has an individual breaker for each EV receptacle. Each meter is connected to the building network with internet access, for immediate, accurate reporting on all EV energy use.

What QMC smart meters provide

The QMC Smart Meter Solution of EV Charging Stations includes design, budgeting and supply of:

  • Electricity Meters
  • Communications equipment
  • Reporting software or integration to existing software
  • All related services, such as contractor coordination, verification and more

How it works

The smart meter data is pushed to the MeterConnex™ platform on a daily basis. A property manager can then use this data to make cost allocation reports, including a charger per kWh, meter fee (if applicable) and PST/GST if required. These reports can be generated for individual tenants, or for the entire property, and downloaded in Excel, .CSV or .PDF format.

QMC also offers a complete meter reading, billing and collection service. Individual invoices are sent to the tenants, with fees collected by QMC and remitted to the property manager.