Mobile Home Park metering

Effectively manage all utility consumption on a mobile home campground, RV park, and more.

water and electricity Submetering for Mobile homes

QMC helps Mobile Home, RV Park and Trailer Park owners effectively monitor and measure their resident’s water and electricity use through submetering. We can install a submetering system that brings your utility consumption under control.

How to Meter Mobile Homes for water?

Digital meter reading and MeterConnex allows for detailed data analysis from a remote location, allowing your site manager to find problems when they occur, reduce energy wastage, produce billing reports when needed.

  • Direct integration with the main utility meters using data loggers, through a variety of available communications protocols
  • Supplying and installing check meters downstream of the main utility meters
  • Back-end integration with the utility database
  • Utility billing data collection and reporting

Our UNICOcoder series of water meters are perfect for mobile home communities. They have a rated lifespan of 15 years, require low operating and installation costs due to their wireless capabilities, and will send encrypted and secure meter data for reading and reporting purposes. They are approved for pit installations as well as being one of the only water meters on the market that allow for vertical and horizontal installations. 

Image of UNICOcoder water submeters, for both hot and cold residential submetering
Image of a man working at a computer

There’s a reason why utilities call leaks non-revenue water: you can’t collect revenue from it! Reducing leaks in your mobile home community can lower your operating costs by thousands of dollars a year. 

MeterConnex™, when paired with UNICOcoders, can collect and analyze your meter data remotely, and alert you of any changes in use patterns and leaks as they happen. 

incentivize conservation

Most owners just want their residents to be responsible for their own utility use. We feel the same way: Our vision of Sustainability Through Accountability drives us to provide the tools necessary for both owners and residents to be accountable for their actions.

Image of property manager accessing MeterConnex on tablet

Are you ready to start submetering?

QMC helps RV Campgrounds, Mobile Homes, and Trailer Parks reduce their energy use and water consumption through installing submeters for data collection and utility management.