water meters

QMC supplies the best smart water meters for residential, commercial, and institutional applications in the US. We provide top quality meters that will ensure NTEP, MID, AWWA and NSF-61 compliance for any meter used for utility management and billing consumption.

GWF product line consisting of the UNICOcoders, MTcoders, and the Woltmans, available through QMC

wireless water submetering

Townhome, multi-residential and retail developments nearing completion or retrofits can get all the benefits of a wired M-Bus system, now with wireless technology.

Wireless Metering is sold as a complete wireless solution that includes GWF’s hot and cold water meters. MeterConnex, QMC’s web-based technology, is also included; it easily compiles meter data into reports, tenant billing or analytics.

  • Applicable for multi-residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and more
  • Excellent solution for retrofits or buildings nearing completion
  • Save time and money by eliminating costly wiring from meter to data collector
  • System commissioning time is 5% of a typical pulse based meter system, and 100% accurate
  • All the benefits of a wired M-Bus system, now with wireless technology

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Recover more revenue

improve engagement & transparency

improve asset management

faster data acquisition

lower operating expenses