we are a Vancouver-based company, with a focus on growth across North America.

QMC provides options to help building owners and occupants conserve utilities and save money through submetering a building’s utilities: electric, water, thermal and gas. We know that being able to access actionable data through utility monitoring will result in better building performance, utility conservation and help with achieving sustainability goals.

Over the past 2 decades we have looked ahead to address the changing needs of the marketplace and our customers. This forward-thinking approach has positioned us as the leader in the submetering industry. We believe in growing partnerships and delivering hands-on experience in the field. This, in tandem with technical knowledge and expertise in data and utility systems makes  our company, QMC, Canada’s leader in submetering solutions.  Our team is committed to make utility management easy to implement and valuable to building owners, managers and tenants.

QMC submetering solutions

current job postings

If you are looking for an opportunity to grow your career, in a team-oriented workplace with training we’d love to hear from you. QMC has offices across North America, competitive benefits, and flexible work hours. Please send your resume and cover letter in confidence if you do not see a job offering or opening available to [email protected].  We’ll keep you in mind as opportunities arise.