New York Leading Building Efficiency Initiatives

New York State has big plans for improving building efficiency to reduce energy consumption. Submetering can help.   Recently, Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that an additional 2 billion dollars will be available for both businesses and residents to invest in energy savings in the heating and cooling space. This is an ambitious project that […]

Utility cost reduction for Shopping Malls; submetering makes it so.

  Desired outcome: Better property performance through energy consumption reduction and cost recovery. Easy.  Managing consumption of water, electricity, thermal energy or gas in retail shopping malls is one way to improve the bottom line and reduce the property’s carbon footprint.  Mall management can achieve this through an easy to use metering platform that enables […]

Press Release: QMC announcing new partnership in South Africa

Vancouver-based QMC Submetering Solutions forms partnership with South African Apex Innovation   IoT Utility Management for Water Submetering QMC has signed a service contract to provide meter reading, data collection and reporting services to Apex Innovation for its submetering business in South Africa. “QMC is pleased to be forming a partnership with Apex to provide a […]

Cost Recovery for Electric Vehicle Charging in Multi-Family Properties

HERE IS HOW IT WORKS: meter, REPORT AND BILL   The Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging station for each parking stall is monitored by a regulated QMC smart meter. The meter is located beside the electrical panel that has an individual breaker for each EV receptacle. Each meter is connected to the building network with internet access. Cost […]

M-Bus Versus Pulse for Water and Thermal Metering

Understand the benefits of M-Bus meters over Pulse for your water and thermal metering projects. Choosing M-Bus meters early in the design phase for your multi-family, institutional or commercial metering projects can save headaches (and risk) down the road. Create greater value and less work: M-Bus delivers savings: 90% reduction in commissioning time and a […]